Nicki Minaj just came through with a fresh set of visuals off of her album Queen. The rapper came through with a brand new video for "Hard White," one of the highlights off of the project. However, fans are convinced that she may have taken a swipe at Drake in the video.

It would appear as if Nicki Minaj has confirmed that she has issues with Drizzy Drake, well at least according to the Barbz. Drake, who's one of the best at throwing subliminal shots in his records, released his album Scorpion last year. During the video, there's footage of a scorpion being destroyed to bits which the Barbz believe is symbolic of Drake. 

In 2018, it was revealed that Drake and Nicki were no longer following each other on Instagram which many took as a sign of their strained relationship. Additionally, Meek rekindled his bromance with Drake which may have also rubbed her the wrong way to an extent.

These aren't the only shots fans think Nicki is taking in her new visual. Additionally, Twitter conspiracy theorists believe the visual of a bird falling down is another swipe at Cardi who Nicki's had a very public feud with over the months. Many believe the bird symbolizes Cardi B "falling off" from her position in the rap game.  There's also an alleged shot fired at the Grammys. 

Peep the reactions below.