Nicki Minaj teamed up with Soulja Boy a couple weeks back for the relentless banger, "Yasss Bish!!", and since then it's been extremely difficult not to reply to every yes or no question with the song's title.

While the title may seem self-explanatory, Minaj has now illustrated the very important difference between a simple 'yes' and a "YASSS!". In a recent interview with Yahoo!, Nicki gave us an in-depth history of the phrase, crediting the cadence to none other than RuPaul.

"I guess you know drag queens started that lingo," she said of the exaggerated pronunciation, adding, "Females, we adopted it, and it makes us very cocky and very sexy and feminine."

"It's just putting on a billion times attitude to the word yes," said Nicki, explaining that she'll only drop the phrase on those worthy of such praise. "I'm confirming that you're the shit," she explained.

Now that we've cleared that up, can we get Nicki's take on "Yaa Trick Yaa"?