Nicki Minaj was one of the main highlights at last night’s MTV Video Music Award’s, but not only because she graced the stage a few times, but because she pulled out her best Janet Jackson impersonation and had quite the wardrobe malfunction.

At the top of the show, Nicki performed her new hit single “Anaconda”, and while transitioning into her performance of “Bang Bang” alongside Ariana Grande & Jesse J, Nicki walked back out on stage holding her black YSL dress top closed by hand. Yes, she literally held her top closed the entire performance.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Nicki "ran out of time getting zipped up," and so had to make do as best she could.

Of course Nicki took to Instagram Monday morning and addressed the malfunction. She was quoted saying…

“God is good. As long as a nipple didn't come out to play, I'm fine. Love my team. CASPER, Rushka, Adam, Oscar, Joyce, Gee... Many more to name but they're all winners! No weak links. There's no greater feeling than having ppl who inspire u and who work passionately and relentlessly to get the job done. 😘😘😘😘 the myx is starting to make me feel real good right now 😩😩😩😂😂😂 thank u to Slim, Richelle, Katina and the entire REPUBLIC team." 

However it's not Minaj's first on-air slip either. In 2012 her top slid down during a performance on "Good Morning America," giving Americans more than they bargained for that morning.

If you somehow missed this last night, and/or haven’t seen it, then check out some candids of Nicki in the gallery above, as well as some footage below.