With her Fendi collaboration releasing soon, Nicki Minaj needed to capitalize on the venture to make sure everybody knew she was rocking her designer stripes. The luxury fashion label has levelled up exponentially within the last five years, appealing more to the youth and developing a printed pattern that has everyone drooling for more. Minaj is about to release her first fashion design collection with Fendi and in order to promote the move, she featured on PnB Rock's new single "Fendi," effectively ending her retirement. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Queens-based rapper announced that she would no longer be releasing music so that she could start a family with her husband Kenny Petty. Now, she's back on the scene and her fans are elated (but hella confused.)

With new Nicki Minaj music on the internet, the Barbs are rejoicing that their heroine isn't actually dipping for good. Who knows how frequently she'll drop new joints at this point? When she told the world she was done with her career, Minaj was in the midst of working on her next album. Will we still be getting that?

Of course, people are reacting in extreme fashion to the news of Nicki returning. Below, we've tallied up some of the best responses to her new song. What do you think of her comeback?