Sometimes, a man must do his damndest to get "down in the DMs." Tee Grizzley decided to step up on behalf of Detroit, challenging fellow statesman Eminem for the honor of Nicki Minaj's hand. Perhaps emboldened by his recent album drop (images of him standing in front of a mirror, whispering "it's still my moment" conjure freely), Tee readied his most effective pickup line and slid into Nicki's DMs with purpose. 

"I'm tryna play yo number in the lottery," writes Tee, kicking off what appears to be a blank canvas, "what is it?" Though perhaps such lines proved super-effective on the inspiration behind his "Bitches On Bitches" single, Nicki is, by all accounts, hip-hop royalty. Still, one must respect Tee Grizzley's ambition, thoughgiven Nicki's likely oversaturated inbox, one has to wonder if the intern will move this one to the SPAM filter. Perhaps his effort will be used in "Barbie Dreams 2," if and when it comes to fruition.  We're rooting for ya, Grizz.

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