Nicki Minaj has shared some of her charity work on Instagram today. The Queens rapper has been donating to a village in India (which she did not name) for the "last couple years," according to her post. Since she began contributing money to the development of the village, they have acquired a computer center, a tailoring institute, a reading program and two water wells.

The video shared by Minaj shows residents of the village using their new water well. Pastor Lydia Sloley, who Minaj reveals is her Pastor, is also thanked in the clip.

Nicki dedicated a second post specifically to the women of the country. "I'm so proud of our sisters in India," she wrote. "God is so good. Their desire was to have water wells & places where they can worship, places where they can learn technology, computers, reading, etc. We're just getting started. These women are us and we are them!"

Nicki recently made headlines when she offered to contribute to the tuition costs of her fans on Twitter.

Minaj will open Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards, where she will be joined by Lil Wayne, David Guetta, and more.