HNHH offers a weekly update on the changing dynamics of hot new music, more important than ever during the summer months. Making the cut are several entrants that put forth new material, while other records took longer to germinate. Denzel Curry's "Clout Cobain" forced us to take notice and we couldn't look away at the graphic details on display. Shy Glizzy jumped back into the mix with "Vlone," the subtleties of his charm. 

Other artists included held onto spots for consecutive weeks running. Nicki Minaj's duet with Lil Wayne made a splash, as did The Internet's Hive Mind release, of which "Beat Goes On" was chosen to represent the young songwriters on our list. Even Brockhampton channel a livid-unabashed version of Eminem, they were no doubt inspired to emulate after doing their homework. There are too many inclusions of merit to name at will. If you're having get together or party this weekend, rest assured the FIRE EMOJI Playlist will account for all your needs.

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