Nicki Minaj moves the social media needle in a way other artists can't. 

Almost certainly attributed to her avid Barb fanbase, every time Minaj posts on social media, a pocket of the internet is stirred into a frenzy.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

After a hiatus leading up to, and following the birth of her child, Minaj made her triumphant return to social media earlier this year, and was almost immediately found herself in the middle of a multi-front digital war after she claimed that her cousin's friend in Trinidad & Tobago became impotent after receiving the COVID vaccine. Minaj's claims led to responses from the Trinidadian government, Dr. Anthony Fauci and even The White House, and dominated the headlines for a multiple-day stretch. 

Since then, Minaj has remained active on social media, but is making an effort to block out all of the noise that comes with it. 

Recently hyping up her Real Housewives Of Potomac appearance, and showing off the new SKIMS x FENDI collection in a series of stunning IG photos, the "Super Bass" rapper has kept her Barbz fed with content, but took to Twitter to make it clear she is limiting her interaction with them. 

Responding to a fan asking for a teaser of new music, Minaj responded, "No. Never again will I tell you guys shit about shit chi. Y’all know. IYKYK. Sorry booski. Wish I could still do those things like the old days but too many frauds be in the mix just lookn for sum to beef bout chi. So nope. Just know tho."

And when another fan requested that Minaj open her Instagram comments, she shut it down quickly. 

"Babe no," she tweeted. "I see all the tweets asking me to. I see y’all telling me the benefits, etc. thanks guys." 

While Minaj's fanbase is one of the most dedicated in all of hip hop, it's clear that Minaj has no interest in interacting with them as she did at previous points in her career. 

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