Since Bodak Yellow took over the summer, people have not let Cardi B pave her own lane in the music industry. Media, fans and the public in general have been claiming that Cardi will be the next Nicki Minaj and that the two will be competing to be the "top female emcee." While Nicki has since denied that they have beef with each other, fans are continuously reaching to find a cause. 

Last night, London On Da Track released his collab with 21 Savage, Offset & Nicki "No Flag." The song itself bangs and is definitely going to pick up. However, Nicki's verse had some bars that could've been misinterpreted as a shot at Cardi. She opens the verse up with "Lil’ bitch I heard these labels tryna make another me/ Everything you getting little hoe is cause of me" which led to many thinking that she was taking shots at Cardi. 

This theory was de-bunked a few hours after the song was released. One of her fans tweeted that Nicki was definitely not dissing Cardi and that people are just stirring the pot to create beef between the two New York rappers. Nicki cleared the air, quoting the tweet and responding with "It sure ain't. Wrote this one a cpl months ago too #NoFlag." 

Although Nicki says that there isn't any tension between herself and the "Bodak Yellow" rapper, many are saying that the response is a diss in itself, implying that Nicki is throwing shade by saying Cardi wasn't relevant enough for a response a few months back. The latest in speculations should confirm that people are definitely reaching. However, Cardi took to Twitter earlier in the morning, quoting one of her lines on Bodak Yellow. Her tweet read "I don't bother with these hoes,Don't let these hoes BOTHER Me !" which, based on timing could possibly mean that Cardi may have interpreted the song in the same way others did. 

The majority of this alleged beef stems from social media fan speculation. Cardi took shots at a "mystery bitch" a few weeks a go which kind of had a hand in this whole beef. 

Anyhow, check the tweets below: