So it appears Nicki Minaj’s long awaited Queen album might not be dropping on August 10th anymore. On Tuesday night, Nicki took to her Twitter to inform fans of a little dilemma she’s in that would cause a setback in her album’s release, saying she’s needing a sample to get cleared.

Nicki says she has a record with one of the greatest rappers of all time on it, but it samples an old Tracy Chapman song, so she either has to lose the record in order to make the August 10th release date or she has to push Queen back a week to get the record cleared. Nicki said she’s torn on the decision, and looking for input from her fans.

“So there’s a record on #Queen that features 1of the greatest rappers of all time. Had no clue it sampled the legend #TracyChapman - do I keep my date & lose the record? Or do I lose the record & keep my date? 🤦🏽‍♀️ do we push #Queen back 1week? Ugh! I’m torn, y’all help.”

Queen was originally supposed to be dropping back on June 13th, but it already suffered a setback a few months ago, so pushing it back again is the last thing Nicki or her camp wants to do.

What do you think Nicki should do? Read her tweet (below).