Nicki Minaj may have made a few enemies over at BET, but the game at large still has her back. After the network trolled her with some tasteless, Cardi-B centered shade, Nicki Minaj proved she wasn't playing around, and pulled out of an upcoming BET Experience performance. Not only that, but she also claimed that Young Money would be ducking the concert as well. It didn't take long for BET to issue an apology, but at that point, it seemed too little too late. Now, Nicki has taken to Instagram to celebrate some of Young Money's accomplishments, sharing a heartfelt message in the process.

"Thank you for the continued support," she writes, to fans and Barbz alike. "I never see the men on this list being disrespected. I’ll continue to keep my integrity & push my pen. It's a promise I made to myself in '07 when I was selling my tapes out my trunk." It's certainly an interesting take, and one that likely holds validity. Would a prominent network ever take such a loaded stance against Drake, in the midst of the Pusha T beef, for instance? All things considered, it's good to see Nicki staying motivated, and should she feel compelled to vent in the booth, it would only be to the game's benefit.

For added emphasis, Minaj shared a look at the decade's top five bestselling emcees: Drake, herself, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole. All things considered, the Young Money brand was, and is, an unbreakable entity. 

Michael Stewart/Getty Images