Nicki Minaj's latest tweet points to a conspiracy against her at the hands of Atlantic Records and their cause célèbre, rapper Cardi B. The tweet posted an hour ago suggests the label pushed her to remove Cardi's name from her verse in "Chun-Li."

It didn't take long for the public to disseminate her "pole position" line and come to a conclusion on its intended meaning. In fact, as far as subliminals go, it has to be one of the more straightforward curtain calls in history. Apparently, it would have taken flight as a direct diss, if not for label intervention. 

On top of that, Nicki claims that Quavo was in on the collusion against her. Nicki acknowledged the recording process of "Motorsport" in her interview with Zane Lowe this afternoon, where she insinuated Cardi B left her desiring more in the form of respect. Nicki's recent tweet seems to suggest that Quavo tried to mitigate her presence on the record, by requesting that she cut out her singing part in the song. All to say she feels that Cardi B and her rat pack were in cahoots to thwart her "buzz."

No one can dispute that April the 12th will forever be remembered as Nicki's day in the sun. Keep it locked for a "timely" response to her claims.