Nicki Minaj is set to be the star witness in the child sex abuse trial against her brother, Jelani Maraj. According to Page Six, opening statements in the courtroom today was led by Jelani's lawyer, David Schwartz, telling the room that these charges are an attempt to extort the Maraj family for millions of dollars. 

The little girl's mother, Jacqueline Robinson, apparently told Nicki that she "can make the charges go away for $25 million.” The publication reports that Jacquelin and Jelani had just married when Jacquelin's daughter was 11-years-old. The little girl reportedly told officials that her step-father was raping her four times a week.

Assistant District Attorney Emma Slain told jurors that the girl’s brother, who was 8-years-old at the time, first revealed the abuse to child services after he was beaten by his step-father when he walked in on him abusing his sister. Prosecutors said police issued a warrant to search the household, where the little girl's pyjama pants were found with Jelani's DNA all over them.

Jelani's lawyer claims that Jacqueline purposely put her husbands DNA on her daughter's pants, for the police to find. 

“Why would [Jacqueline] lie and force her children to lie? I can give you 25 million reasons why,” David told the courtroom. “Jackie became obsessed with Nicki Minaj — getting her hands on her money." He added, "an evil Jackie targeted [Jelani]. Trying to get him to marry her, and then just four months after they were married, we have this.”

Nicki's brother has repeatedly denied all allegations against him since he was first arrested in December of 2015. Nicki posted her brothers $100,000 bail and continues to stand behind him as the legal procedures take place. 

The "No Frauds" rapper has never publicly spoken out on the allegations against her sibling, but she did post a photo of her and Jelani shortly after he was arrested with the caption, "I would cross the ocean for u. I would go & bring u the moon. Promise u. For u I will. I love my brother so much man..."