When Nicki Minaj's L.A. home was burglarized this week, TMZ reported that the thieves flipped her place upside down and robbed $200,000 worth of her possessions. The celebrity gossip website spoke to sources close to the Queens rapper, who say she is so furious she is boosting security at her mansion to prevent such a crime from ever happening again.

Apparently, Minaj is installing a security system that will includes cameras to cover the sprawling property. She's also hiring 24/7 security guards who will stay on duty even when she's out of town. Minaj wasn't in L.A. when the crime was committed.

After the recent burglary, reports say the only cameras police could to investigate were street cams. It's been speculated that the break and entry could have been personal. The burglars destroyed picture frames, clothing, and perfume bottles. There is no word yet on any suspects.