Yesterday was a huge day in Cardi B's career and personal life. Not only did she take home her first-ever Grammy Award, but she also experienced her daughter saying "mama" for the first time. Uncle Takeoff would be proud. One person that was notably absent from last night's award ceremony was Nicki Minaj. The ongoing rivalry between both leading ladies in rap escalated to new heights when Cardi became the first solo woman to ever win a Grammy for "Best Rap Album." When BET reported the news on their Twitter feed, they felt that taking a shot at Nicki Minaj would be their best option for maximum fan engagement. However, their strategy ended up biting them in the behind because Nicki just pulled Young Money out of any upcoming BET Experience concerts.

The media network tweeted about Cardi's successful evening, pointing out that Nicki "is being dragged by her lacefront." Yikes. Obviously, the Queen was not pleased about all the shade and she decided to no longer support BET in the future. "Young Money will no longer be apart of the BET Experience or award show," wrote the rapper. If she's being 100, that means that Lil Wayne, Drake and Tyga are also pulling out of the upcoming shows. Nicki followed up by saying she would soon be announcing her summer tour.

Minaj has been busy retweeting angry Barbs who are defending her on social media. It shouldn't be too surprising that she backed out. After all, why would she continue to help a network that openly bashes her?