Nicki Minaj has come to Drake's defense amid his beef with Pusha T.

The long-brewing Drake and Pusha T feud flared up after Pusha questioned Drake's writing abilities and brought up the name Quentin Miller on his new track "Infared" ("It was written like Nas but it came from Quentin"). Miller was a credited co-writer on a few songs from Drake's If You're Reading This It's Too Late. His contributions to Drake's music were the jumping-off point for Drake and Meek Mill's infamous beef after Meek accused Drake of using a ghostwriter. Unlike the IYRTITL songs, Miller was not credited on Drake and Meek's collaboration "R.I.C.O.," for which a Miller reference track surfaced.

Though Drake has already defended his honor on the response track "Duppy Freestyle," Nicki has also offered some thoughts on Drake's writing. According to her, people need to drop the Quentin Miller debate. "N***az gon run that Quentin shit in the fkn ground like Drake don’t write 4 himself & OTHERS!" she wrote on Twitter. "Ya enemies will remix, reinvent & TRY 2make u RELIVE some old shit for YEARS 2 come when they have NOTHING ON U! Knock it off. Challenging the chosen ones only awakens the sleeping giant."

In Drake's track, he pointed out what he felt were inconsistencies in the arguments of those using Quentin to discredit him."Whoever supposedly makin' me hits, but then got no hits sound like they need me," he raps. "My hooks did it, my lyrics did it, my spirit did it / I'm fearless with it, yeah."

Both Nicki and Drake are releasing new albums in the near future. Nicki's Queen was recently pushed to August 10th, while Drake's Scorpion is coming sometime in June. Drake released a new track from the project "I'm Upset," Saturday night.