The rumored romance between two hip-hop heavyweights added yet another chapter recently, as Nicki Minaj was seen attending Nas' Hollywood Bowl concert on October 5th, where he performed alongside Lauryn Hill as part of her Powernomics tour. The 44-year-old Nas has been connected to Minaj, 34, for some time now, but after she was seen partying it up with the Illmatic rapper for his birthday earlier this summer and again riding around in a custom car he got himself for the occasion. Seems pretty official at this point, but I digress.

After the show, Nas posed for pictures with both Hill and Minaj, alongside his daughter Destiny Jones, 23. According to a report from Hollywood Life, both Nicki and Nas have been FaceTiming each other on the daily and, because of their busy schedules, they don't see each other nearly as often in person. At this point, any supposition that what they had going on was a fling and not much else should be put on the back burner. This is one hip-hop couple that looks legit.

The report also goes on to say that Nas was allegedly the one doing all the chasing in the relationship, and that Nicki showing up to this concert and making a point of posing for pictures with him make the move seem way more serious than it does at first glance. Was it just another chapter of a "friends with benefits" deal or a glimpse into something deeper, perhaps approaching de facto girlfriend territory? Until one or both of them confirms the romance officially, it's hard to say, but with the mounting photographic evidence, it will be increasingly harder for either of them to brush this off as something that isn't getting to be long-term.

This development comes on the heels of Safaree Samuels giving some cryptic insight into their working relationship on an episode of Everyday Struggle that aired in late September. He wouldn't necessarily call out Nicki for anything directly, but the tone of his voice and defensiveness when DJ Akademiks questioned his role in helping create some of her music showed that he might have some unresolved beef with her.