Nicki Minaj spoke to DJ Clue on Power 105 last night and revealed that she has two artists signed to her label (the name of which is unknown) and one potential artist.

While talking about her single "I Endorse These Strippers," Nicki clarified one of the artist's names on the track, and then revealed he's actually signed to her label. The artist, Brinx, was labeled on iTunes as "Thomas Brinx," however, Nicki says this is incorrect. "I don't know how iTunes got this dude's name's wrong, we never ever told them his name's Thomas. This is actually my new artist, Brinx, who's from out here, who's been rockin' with me forever, who's one of the nicest dude's I've ever met in life period. And, I just started workin', we got back in touch since I had moved...he sent me some music and he's still got it. And he actually came up with this idea for this particular song, and I was like 'yo, I love it! I'm using it!'"

Further into their discussion, Nicki revealed the name of another artist she's signed, "I signed a new artist his name is Parker, he's lethal, lethal, lethal. He produced this track ["Hell Yeah"] he wrote the hook and he's singing on the hook."

Finally, Nicki has plans of signing a female artist name Keisha. Keisha was a background singer for her, and appears on the song "Freedom." "Shoutout to the background singers [on "Freedom"], they are Keisha and Candace." She added, "I'm thinking about signing her [Keisha] to my label."

The Queen Barbz also explained the current situation with her albumThe Re-Up, which is not available at many locations and thus causes problems for fans to purchase it. "Target and Wal-Mart aren't selling the album, and it's a re-release so they're kinda look at it like, 'whatever,' but it's kinda messed up, 'cause a lot of my fans are hitting me like 'we can't get the album.' Thank God, Best Buy took some, but it wasn't a lot, 'cause everybody kinda put a cap on the re-release, they don't expect people to want the re-release."

Listen to the interview below. 


[UPDATE: Nicki Minaj's interview with The Breakfast Club added]

Apart from talking to DJ Clue last night, Nicki headed back to Power 105 this morning for an interview with The Breakfast Club. They cover similar topics as discussed above, as well, a lengthy part of it is just Nicki and The Breakfast Club arguing over them not watching her video before the interview. 

Watch it below.