All of Nicki Minaj's fans have been going crazy over her new single, trying their hand at a viral challenge that the New York rapper set forth. She asked her supporters who can spit the hardest bars over the "Megatron" beat, also inviting dancers to prepare some choreography to the song. The track may not be Minaj's biggest success on the Billboard chart but it has been a hit with her fans, which is all that matters to the rapper. Today, she will be returning with a new episode of Queen Radio, which is always sure to be entertaining, and she's promoting it by sharing a hilarious parody of "Megatron."

Queen Radio has not aired as regularly as Nicki's fans had hoped. After the launch of the regular series, fewer episodes were recorded, which is in part because there was nobody suitable to win the artist's "C*cksucker of the Day" award. Tonight, Minaj is returning with a special episode on Power 106 in Los Angeles at 5 pm PST. She started hyping up her radio show by sharing one of her favourite submissions to the "Megatron Challenge:" a parody of her appearance on Ellen with Kevin Kent spitting bars. 

As of late, Nicki has been all about giving back to her fans. She gave them the opportunity to showcase their own skills and on her upcoming episode of Queen Radio, she will likely show love to the best entries again.

Stay tuned for the latest episode at 5 pm PST.