As if today wasn't wild enough for Nicki Minaj after she was the target of a diss track from Remy Ma, the "ShETHER" record indirectly caused her to get into a brief feud with Trey Songz on Twitter this afternoon.

It's all pretty complicated, so let's break it down.

1. Remy Ma suggested that Nicki Minaj and Trey Songz had hooked up in the line "Only time up touch a trigga's when you fuck Trey Songz."

2. Following the line, Twitter users unearthed some old tweets from Meek Mill which seemed to confirm the rumor, though the 2015 tweets also found Trey denying it all as an "urban legend."

3. Trey caught wind of the retweets and made a vague comment about getting pulled into drama.

4. Nicki called Trey out for not getting out in front of the claim and denying that he and Nicki had ever hooked up. She also brought up the hits she feels she's earned him through their collaborations. The tweets were later deleted.

5. Trey responded to Nicki suggesting that he had already cleared up the rumors on his Instagram and that Nicki was simply "mad" following the Remy diss. He made sure to make it clear that he still has love for Minaj and made an offer for her to hop on a new track.

And that's that, as for Remy's claim that Nicki cheated on her "man" with Ebro Darden of Hot 97, we may not get any answers until Monday's Morning show.

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