Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren continues to fend off esteemed rappers, with Nicki Minaj being the latest to issue a challenge. Earlier today, Cardi B threatened to blow the dust off the leash, after Tomi Lahren took the piss out of 21 Savage's possible deportation. With his own lyrics, no less. Now, Minaj has taken issue with Lahren's cavalier tone, and logged on Twitter to give the Fox News favorite the Queen's justice.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"Your obsession w/our culture is scary to say the least," writes Minaj. "I hate giving you the attention you so desperately crave, laughing @ ppl getting deported as if your ancestors discovered America. Are you Native American? You fkn clown."

Never one to shy from scrutiny, Lahren clapped back. "When you’re in the country illegally, you get deported," writes Lahren, on-brand to a tee. "I didn’t write the law and neither did ICE. They enforce it. I hope @21savage is able to get an entertainment visa or become a citizen one day. P.S. My ancestors did discover America."

For what it's worth, Lahren also took a few moments to respond to Cardi B's "dog walking" threats. While she brushes them off as "unoriginal," she does attempt to engage with Cardi, going so far as to offer an olive branch of sorts. "Here’s something maybe we can agree on, our immigration system is broken," writes Lahren, in response to Bardi. "We need to keep our country safe while also making sure people who work hard, contribute and don’t leech off the system are able to LEGALLY immigrate here. I’m a fan of @21savage and I’m a fan of yours."