Petty duo Nicki Minaj and The Game mocked Yung Joc's permed coiffe on IG Wednesday. The Los Angeles emcee posted a photo where he cropped a feminine hairdo on the Atlanta native's head. Nicki joined in and had a good laugh.

In the captions The Game called it, "the fantasia/everybody favorite auntie" hairstyle. Minaj then posted in the comment section, "Why are you like this? I'm sure this ain't a real pic. Leave everybody alone." It was all for jokes though.

Since Yung Joc debuted his new perm last year, people all over have been clowning him for it. The fact that even Nicki couldn't tell if this was real -- or pretended that she couldn't -- brought even more guffaws from the comment section. The Game might have been inspired by a recent episode of VH1's Hip Hop Squares where Yung Joc was on last week. Host and comedian DeRay Davis roasted the rapper cum entrepreneur comparing him to Missy Elliot. Check it out in the clip below.