The 1995 attempted rape conviction against Kenneth Petty is something he will deal with until the end of his days. The 41-year-old served time at a New York prison but must be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Recently, Petty was arrested for not registering in California after marrying Nicki and moving to L.A. He was later released under a certain set of conditions that reportedly include wearing an ankle monitor, having a curfew, staying within the borders of Southern California, and staying off of the internet unless he's been approved to do so by a supervisor.

According to TMZ, Petty wants to get his legal troubles squared away. The publication states that Petty has filed court documents asking a judge to allow him access to the web. The good news is that prosecutors reportedly don't have any problem with Petty's recent request, so they've agreed to give him access. Everyone is just waiting for a judge's signature.

Nicki hasn't, and most likely won't, commented on her husband's legal woes. There have been a few people who have criticized her relationship choices in the media, most notably being Wendy Williams. Last year, the talk show host bashed Nicki for being with Petty, but then later gave the rapper a polite congratulations when news of their marriage circulated. Nicki thanked Wendy for her well-wishes, but days ago, Wendy took another verbal jab at the "Yikes" rapper with a scornful set of criticisms.