For a while now Nicki Minaj has been teasing her holiday project with H&M, only dropping little video snippets and behind the scene photos of her and Jesse Williams playing husband and wife.

Today, the full video has finally been released where fans get to enter a magical fantasy land filled with fairies, elves, Santa Claus and his evil brother all combined in a parallel universe. In just over six minutes, we see Jesse Williams tell his daughter a bedtime story where a heroic young girl embarks on a mission to track down the evil man who stole the gifts from children on Christmas. 

She enters this other world by creating a magic black hole in her bedroom. She seeks help from a fairy godmother called the Wisest Thingy, played by Nicki, and the Fastest Fairy in the World, played by Jesse. When both can't help she "magically" finds the address of the evil gift-stealing brother of Santa (from sources on the Internet) where she confronts and scolds him, making him sware to never steal or destroy gifts ever again. 

When she makes her way back home to reality, she sends all her gifts back to the children in the magical land. 

Of course, throughout the whole video, everyone is dressed in all the holiday fashions that H&M has to offer this season - sparkly dresses, fitted suits, cosy knitwear and all. 

H&M is no newbie when it comes to collaborating with big-name artists. Past campaigns have seen the likes of Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Future and Chance The Rapper fronting the casual Swedish fashion looks. 

Watch the full video below filmed by photographer Tim Walker and director Johan Renck.