People were surprised to see Nicki Minaj's controversial boyfriend make an appearance in her new video for "Megatron." The song acts as the rapper's official return to the world of music and many believed that she would be moving in a different direction, perhaps elevating her game to regain the top spot among her fellow female emcees. Yesterday, Minaj hyped up her upcoming late-night appearance by dressing up in a suit, pulling a cute pose and pursing her lips for the camera. Today though, she's back to delivering tons of sex appeal, draping herself in Fendi and allowing her man to cop a feel of her famous behind.

Ever since she first made an impact in the rap world, Nicki Minaj has always had boys around the world breaking their necks because of her gigantic ass. She often rocks tight-fitting clothing to show off her curves, reminding everyone that she's still got lots to work with in the back. Today, she posted a series of shots where she flaunted her booty. In the first image, she bends over to reach her finest angle. In the second, her boytoy Kenny joins in and caresses his girlfriend, wrapping his arms around the superstar and copping a feel. 

In the past, Nicki has said that she and Kenny get intimate three times per night on average. They've proven to have incredible sexual chemistry both in the "Megatron" video and in shots like this so it makes sense that the couple can't keep their hands off each other.