With the release of today's "Rich Sex" collaboration with Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj just about captured the world's attention once again. Just as she did when "Chun-Li" and "Barbie Tingz" released two months ago, today's single release was not the only thing Minaj wanted to get off of her chest. Announcing that her next single with Ariana Grande, "Bed," was arriving this Thursday, Nicki also revealed her future tour plans involving none other than Future. Co-headlining the NickiHndrxx Tour, Nicki and Future are ready to take over the summer and, in doing so, they plan to have everyone wearing their merchandise. Unveiling some new t-shirts and hoodies, Nicki has already begun her NickiHndrxx promotion, offering merch bundles on her website.

Offering six new products, Minaj pulled the curtain back to show off a selection of t-shirts and hoodies with Queen branding. Undoubtedly being included in the tour merchandise when her and Future's joint concerts start later this year, fans who want to get a head start on their support can do so by heading to Nicki's official webshop. The selection includes pieces with the recently announced album cover, the promotional photo of Nicki and the Freebandz member for their tour and some "Chun-Li" imagery. All purchases will include a digital download of Queen when it drops in August.

With artists stepping up their game in terms of merchandise after Kanye West and Justin Bieber's successful tour gear a few years ago, Nicki and Future seem to be on the right wave in the direction of their new products. Will you be copping?