Following Remy Ma's allegations that he had a sexual encounter with Nicki Minaj, Ebro told his own version of the story Monday. On his Hot 97 radio show Ebro In the Morning, the radio jockey reaffirmed that he has never had sex with the Queens diva of rap.

Scooping up where he left off on Twitter, Old Man borrowed some bars from President Clinton and said, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman in any way, shape, or form." 

On her diss track "ShETHER," Remy accuses Nicki of cheating on her boyfriend -- many presume either Safaree Samuels or Meek Mill -- with the radio personality. Ebro maintains that the worst he's ever done is squeeze her thigh.

"I’ve never been alone with Nicki Minaj […] I’ve never sexted Nicki," Ebro told co-host Peter Rosenberg who grilled him to get to the bottom of the story.

"I’ve definitely told her her ass was fat. Definitely told her that before […] I grabbed her thigh at that party. Remember? When she came in that outfit at the Halloween party," Ebro said, implying that jealous people might have fed Remy with "alternative facts" -- possibly Safaree or Meek.

Trey Songz, also accused of sleeping with Nicki, denied the allegations in an IG video post almost as soon as the diss track dropped.