The feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B will likely live on for a very long time. Despite Minaj's decision to retire from music a couple of weeks ago, the star is still being mentioned in dirty headlines regarding her differences with Cardi B. The two recording artists are not fond of each other and even though they've been pitted against one another in the media and by their loyal fanbases, the pettiness just keeps on amplifying. When Forbes released their list of Hip-Hop's Highest Earners, people were quick to congratulate Kanye West on blowing away the competition. However, a juicier storyline was bubbling lower on the chart. Cardi B could be found sitting at the thirteenth position with a $28 million paycheck this year -- which she has said is false -- and Nicki Minaj was one step ahead of her at $29 million. The fans went insane upon finding them placed one after the other, taking to social media to rage.

Bardi has already called out Forbes for allegedly screwing up her net worth but one of the reasons why she may be angry is because she was placed one spot below her bitter rival. The comparisons between Nicki and Cardi have been brought up for ages by their respective fanbases and this only helped to intensify those discussions. Are the numbers accurate? Did Nicki seriously make $29 mil off of "Megatron?" The fans spilled all the tea and you can peep what they're talking about below.