Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande had us ready for their "Bed" single even before it arrived. Three days ago Ariana posted photos of her and Nicki posted up in a hot tub surrounded by bubbles and then today they dropped off their "Bed" single that brought everything together. Nicki has now hopped on Instagram to tease an official video for the track and although there's, once again, no actual bed in sight, it's a good clip to get fans pumped of the visuals. 

"You know the love is real when u send ARIANA fkng GRANDE an UNRETOUCHED #Bed snippet & she gives you the green 💡to post it. Ugh!!!!! @grizzleearts thank you pooh bear!!! #Bed is out now!!!! #Queen PRE-ORDER is out NOW!!!! @arianagrande is out now!!!! Fukkkkkkkkkkk agdgbnkssgxeokjgdewsgk," Nicki excitingly captioned the video.  

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