Upon watching the preview for Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande's upcoming "Bed" video, one might find themselves involuntarily quoting Austin Powers. The clip, which ultimately looks to feature little in the way of narrative, places strong emphasis on the beauty of the song's creative forces. Both ladies seem to be feeling themselves for the good of humanity, dressed in swimwear and taking to the water, complete with the tried and true combination of suds and twerking; one wonders if the clip was designed to allure the male demographic into giving the radio-friendly Queen cut a second chance.

As the clip progresses, Nicki takes to the shallows to indulge in some yoga. From afar, her protruding butt may fool wayward seafarers into thinking a malevolent octopus has surfaced to wreak havoc. Rest assured, that is not the case. 

The full clip is set to drop soon, and will no doubt feature more of the same. Perhaps, in a plot twist worthy of M. Night Shamalyan, the pair will take to the land for the climax. We await the conclusion with bated breath. Stay tuned for the "Bed" video, as well as Queen, which is set to drop August 10th.