The houses built on the backs of Barbz are enough to fill a gated community. Ask 6ix9ine, who recently found himself a beneficiary (once again) of a Nicki Minaj feature, all but guaranteeing the controversial rapper the support of her unflinchingly loyal fanbase. And though many rap fans have long turned their back on Tekashi 6ix9ine -- if not for the informing, then for the complete and utter return to his unrepentant and abrasive ways -- his Nicki Minaj-assisted "Trollz" has proven to resonate in spite of his waning reputation.


Kevin Mazur/Getty Image

Strategically released at the height of 6ix9ine's post-prison run, "Trollz" has since compiled an impressive three-hundred million views on YouTube alone. Compared to 6ix9ine's subsequent Tattle Tales single "Only," which sits at a respectable ninety-eight-million, it's clear that Nicki Minaj's presence went a long way in giving "Trollz" the momentum it has seemingly retained. Case in point, the track has officially been certified platinum by the RIAA, marking the first Tattle Tales track to hit that particular milestone.

Enabling though it may be to note, "Trollz" does mark a respectable seventeenth plaque for the self-declared Dummy Boy, though his number is dwarfed by Nicki's own thirty-seven. On that note, their previous collaboration "FEFE" was a similar success, albeit to a much higher degree. As of right now, it currently sits at octuple platinum, a proverbial sodium-heavy feast for the haters. No matter how you feel about Tekashi, you've gotta give Nicki Minaj -- not many boast such undeniable star power.