In the hip-hop world, we wish for all of our favorite rappers to be their most authentic selves. That's what the medium was built upon. True stories, gritty rhymes, and hard tales of the streets have always been a favorite in rap. These days, we're not entirely sure what we're getting out of our rappers. With the catapulting of trap music into the top sphere of sub-genres, there can be a lot of cap in people's bars. Just look at how the internet reacted when Lil Tecca, one of today's burgeoning stars, admitted that many of the lines in his hit single "Ran$om" are just that: lines. He doesn't own any guns and he's not out in the streets. But he'll say it because this is rap. Nicki Minaj has been accused of inauthenticity in the past and one hater, who got a little testy, told her to her face in her DMs.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The Queens superstar decided to call out a so-called "hip hop head" who had some words for her. Yesterday, Minaj was getting shaded for her awkward twerking next to Megan Thee Stallion in the "Hot Girl Summer" video but today, she's seeking retaliation.

Nicki wrote on Twitter that a particular blogger hit her up to say that artists who use ghostwriters can't truly be themselves in their music because they don't compose all of their hits. That triggered Mrs Petty to list off a number of songs that she has written, threatening to come through with hundreds more. "Just letting y'all in on the dumb shit these so called 'hip hop heads' actually have the balls to say to me," she said.