Sometimes, a rapper's lyrics can foreshadow events yet to happen. On Playboi Carti's "Poke It Out," Nicki Minaj confidently rapped "walk in that bitch with my boobies out, wife beater torn like Natalie Imbruglia." Over the weekend, Minaj found herself living out the former proclamation, upon suffering through a wardrobe malfunction during her Made In America set. In case you missed it, Minaj was in the middle of performing when her breasts simply had enough confinement for one day; in short, they emerged for air like a breaching whale, no doubt sending a button flying into the crowd at an alarming velocity. 

While the incident did not prove as controversial as Janet Jackson's infamous Super Bowl debacle, it certainly left Minaj more exposed than she might have liked. In the wake of the slip, Minaj took to Twitter to address what went down, laying some responsibility on those handling the "pasties." Apparently, the whole thing may have been avoided with a more opaque option. Instead, she was handed see-through.

"They put on see thru pasties on me while heading to stage. I just KNEW they were my normal (non see through ones) chile... ummmm they were not!" Unfortunately for Minaj, her instinct proved incorrect, and she was left living out the aforementioned Carti line in real time. Luckily, she handled the situation with composure, and left fans with, at the very least, a story to share across generations.