All of a sudden, it's become clear why Nicki Minaj was keeping the identity of her "new boy" a secret for so long. Not only has Kenneth Petty been convicted of murder, but he's also been charged with sexual assault. That's not entirely the best circle to keep around when your life is as public as Nicki Minaj's. Fans have tried to be supportive as the Barbs constantly defend their Queen for everything that may be off-putting to others. While this simply adds to all the drama the rapper has faced this year, it appears as though some people believe there's an even thicker layer to unpeel here.

DailyMail is reporting that some fans believe Nicki may have stolen Kenneth from his bartender girlfriend, a woman that looks suspiciously like Minaj. Petty and Minaj were reportedly old flames, reconnecting after some time apart. It's worth noting that the reporter Nicki has threatened with a lawsuit works for DailyMail, meaning the information may not be entirely trustworthy. Still, there's a large number of people who seem to be running along with the news. 

It is being reported that Kenneth previously dated a woman known as "redbone_noe" on Instagram. The bartender commented on one of her photos that her boyfriend had gone off to be with a rapper, which many are assuming is a direct line to Kenneth Petty. She wrote, "How he just wake up and chase behind a rapper. I mean I know she famous and all and girls chase rappers all the time. But as a man. My man I wouldn’t expect that at all."

This situation just keeps on getting weirder. As the story develops, we'll update you.