Nick Young was given the nickname "Swaggy P" for a reason. Young played the game with a certain level of swagger that was always infectious even if it got him into some trouble at times. Regardless of how you feel about Young, he is easily one of the more entertaining players we have out here and himself a nice career that was marked by a championship with the Golden State Warriors. As it turns out, Young's son is quite proficient at the game of basketball and recently went viral thanks to one of his celebrations after scoring a basket in a youth game.

Following this viral moment, the junior "Swaggy P" showed up to school in a flashy blue suit and even came through with an entrance via limo. As you can see in the video below, it's a pretty extravagant way to come to school especially when most of the other kids could only wish to be that cool.

When it comes to the child, there are two ways this can go. He is either looked at as an outcast for his lavish lifestyle or he is heralded as the coolest kid in school thanks to his sense of style. Regardless, you can't help but see his father in him.