While the Cleveland Cavaliers' situation with Kyrie Irving and LeBron James continues to sour, everything with the defending champion Golden State Warriors couldn't be better.

Steph Curry is having a blast on his tour in Asia, catching alley-oops from his wife, Ayesha, and Klay Thompson recently signed a new 10-year extension with Anta.

And then there's Nick Young, who signed with the Warriors as a free agent this off-season, and has recently overcome his fear of dolphins!

You might remember, back when Swaggy P was dating Iggy Azalea he was almost killed by a rogue dolphin.

He described that harrowing experience in an interview,

“Dolphin tried to kill me. Like, he was playing with everyone else, doing what dolphins do (dolphin noises) ... it was my turn to ride the dolphin, and for some reason he took me all the way to the bottom so um, he was trying to drown me.”

But that's old news, he has officially overcome his fear.

Young recently shared an instagram post of his family spending some quality time with dolphins in Mexico, with a caption that read, "I gave these dolphins another chance we cool now."

Everything coming up Warriors.