Despite winning a Super Bowl against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots last year and leading the Philadelphia Eagles to a playoff berth this season, quarterback Nick Foles has been told he will be the back up in Philadelphia next season. Of course, Carson Wentz has been the guy the Eagles want to hand their future to, but injuries have forced Foles into the starter role, a role he has taken in stride and done extremely well in. Heading into 2019, Foles had an option for an extra year at $20 million. According to ESPN, the Eagles informed Foles that they were going to pick up that option, although Foles is telling them that he wants to opt out, which will cost him $2 million.

Sean Gardner/Getty Images

As reported by ESPN, with Foles deciding that he wants to opt out, the Eagles are expected to Franchise Tag Foles at about $25 million. This means that Foles wouldn't be able to sign elsewhere, but the Eagles would use the tag to make a trade involved Foles later on. Essentially, the Eagles are making sure they don't lose a player like Foles for nothing, since his value as a Super Bowl-winning quarterback is pretty high.

The Eagles made it to the NFC Divisional round this season but were eliminated at the hands of the New Orleans Saints by a score of 20-14.