Nick Foles shocked the world back in 2018 when he pulled off a stunning performance to take down the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52. Foles came away with Super Bowl MVP honors and won the game by a score of 41-33, immortalizing himself with the infamous "Philly Special" play at the end of the first half. This past season, Foles was put on the bench in favor of Carson Wentz, who Foles had replaced the previous season due to an injury. With Wentz going down injured again, Foles played great and led the team to a playoff victory against the Chicago Bears. While Foles has played like a starter, the Eagles have made it clear that Wentz is their guy and are letting the Super Bowl-winner become a free agent on March 13th.

With his newfound freedom, it is being reported by ESPN that Foles will actually sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars. After making the AFC championship game just a year earlier, the Jaguars finished with an abysmal 5-11 record this season and will need an upgrade at quarterback as Blake Bortles hasn't met expectations. 

It is unknown right now how much the deal will be worth but for a Super Bowl-winner like Foles, he is probably in for a big payday. The Jaguars chances of going back to the postseason have surely increased if they do in fact ended up snagging him.