A few days after Nate Diaz lost a hard fought, bloody battle to Conor McGregor at UFC 202, his brother and fellow MMA fighter, Nick Diaz was reportedly involved in a scrap of his own.

As the story goes, Nick Diaz left Hyde Nightclub at around 2:30am Wednesday morning to use a bathroom outside of the venue and accidentally bumped into a guy who immediately began jawing with the MMA fighter, unbeknownst that Diaz could break his face six times over if he wanted to.

Diaz claims he apologized and didn't want any trouble, but the dude and three of his friends insisted on brawling. The fight began in the bathroom, Diaz was hit in the head, and things carried over onto the Bellagio's casino floor. The four instigators were allegedly swinging chairs, and fighting with club and casino personnel before security ultimately removed them from the scene. 

“I didn’t start it,” Diaz told TMZ. “People like to hate.” A rep spoke to TMZ confirming Diaz’s story, saying that Nick was not the aggressor in the incident and that the attackers were swinging chairs and fighting with club and casino employees.

According to TMZ, Diaz doesn't plan on pressing charges saying, "They got the worst of it."