UFC's Nick Diaz was facing three felony charges and a misdemeanor charge all stemming from an altercation in May. In a statement that made its way over to ESPN, Nick Diaz's attorney parlayed his client's thoughts over the case dismissal. "(Diaz) is grateful the District Attorney's office was fair and thoughtful in reviewing this case based on the evidence," read the statement.

On May 24, Diaz was accused of choking a female companion, then slamming her to the ground, as he would a mixed martial art competitor, causing a hip injury the victim would later seek medical attention to remedy. Prosecutors were intent on proceeding with the charges as they were prescribe, but the  grand jury had other ideas, dropping the case hours before Diaz was scheduled to appear alone in a preliminary hearing. "The frustrating thing for me is we have a lot of true victims out there and when you see stuff like this, and you take strained resources from the true victims, and it’s frustrating for the court," ruled the judge in his favor

Diaz' attorney believes the accuser is guilty of libel. In his estimation, she has reported "inconsistent versions of the events and didn't have injuries consistent with her allegations." Diaz who remains a big draw in the sport of MMA, was briefly detained following his arrest in May, but posted the requisite $18,000 bond after brief overnight stay.