How we're ending the year with a beef stemming from the 2000s is beyond me but here we are, in December 2019, with Nick Cannon and Eminem going at it. On Friday, Fat Joe's long-awaited Family Ties album featuring an appearance from Eminem hit streaming services. Fat Joe already warned that the song was disrespectful but he didn't mention how disrespectful it is.

Nick Cannon, who's been successful in every other avenue he's ventured in except for music, decided to respond to Em with a diss track. Actually, two diss tracks. He released "The Invitation" ft. Suge Knight, Hitman Holla, Charlie Clips & Prince Eazy. He then returned this morning with "Pray For Him," another diss track aimed at Eminem. Although he's only received a few tweets from Em in response to his diss track, he's anticipated a diss track. However, Nick's forgetting the fact that Em is widely regarded as one of the greatest lyricists of our generation. Nick, on the other hand, isn't.

Cannon is exuding the confidence level of Soulja Boy in January but the Internet appears to be collectively handing over the L to Nick Cannon for his two diss tracks towards Em. At this point, it doesn't seem like the Wild N' Out host has accepted it.

Peep some of the reactions below.