Throughout his feud with Eminem, Nick Cannon was adamant that he respected Em's position as one of the greatest rap artists of all time. However, that didn't stop him from wanting to travel to Detroit to lay the beats on him.

Eminem and Nick Cannon have had their differences for years, stemming from Em's comments about Nick's ex-wife Mariah Carey. Last year, Nick even released a trio of diss records aimed at the legendary rapper

After all that, it looks like the controversial comedian is looking into the possibility of patching things up with Marshall Mathers, reaching out an olive branch and discussing what needs to be done during a talk with Fat Joe.

"One day, hopefully, dude and I will get an opportunity to sit down, 'cause like I said, I do respect his ability," said Nick on Fat Joe's show.

Joey Crack is happy to see that the beginning of their mediation may have started on his show, offering his services to mediate the conversation between Em and Nick.

"If you can do it, man," accepted Nick. "I been trying to get...I done talked to Royce, we trying to really get it popping, 'cause I think at the end two men need to really have that conversation. While you at it, tell him to come...we'll set up an exclusive Wild'n Out Detroit."

While we're almost certain that Eminem would not agree to appear on Wild'N Out, crazier things have happened.

Do you think it's time for Nick Cannon and Eminem to put their differences to the side?