Wendy Williams is one of the most famous TV show hosts, bringing pop culture's hot topics to life with her daily program. For the last few weeks, we've been waiting for the star to return to her iconic purple chair, instead settling for guest hosts as she recovered from several health scares. Last year, Williams opened up about her Graves' Disease and in December 2018, she told her audience that she had fractured her shoulder. Will all of the health issues, her personal life was also rumored to have been crumbling with reports that her husband is having a baby with another woman. So far, Wendy has denied the allegations and now, Nick Cannon has a new update on the entertainer.

Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Before starting the Hot Topics segment as the guest host of Wendy's show, Nick Cannon spoke to the crowd and reassured them that Wendy is doing well at home. According to Us Weekly, the comedian said, "She’s doing great. I mean, I think it’s an honor for her to think that I can even step in for her, and she’s excited to get back as well. So we wish her nothing but the best and continue to pray for her."

There has been much speculation about the nature of Wendy's hiatus. Nick Cannon will serve as guest host today, surprising some after Williams referred to one of his children as an "oops baby."