Nick Cannon recently linked up with Complex's Joe La Puma in New Jersey for an episode of "Complex Closets" wherein Cannon reveals his enormous sneaker collection, including his "Wild 'N Out" Air Jordan 7 collab as well as a $2 million shoe.

As it turns out Cannon's sneaker collection can not be contained by one single closet, or room for that matter, and is actually spread out across multiple rooms on three different levels. During the tour he shows off a space specifically dedicated to Air Jordans, a section for high-end luxury shoes, and a closet that houses the sneakers he hardly ever wears.

From the $2 million Tom Ford sneakers that it took a year and a half to make to the never before seen "Wild 'N Out" Air Jordan 7s, Nick Cannon's sneaker collection is truly a sight to behold. 

Check out the episode of "Complex Closets" below.