Nick Cannon's beef with Eminem and 50 Cent doesn't seem like it'll be going away any time soon. The TV host and radio personality fired three separate diss tracks towards Em which prompted 50 Cent to call out Nick for being "corny forever." Things have since simmered down but in Nick's mind, it's because things got "a little too intense."

Speaking to Miami 99 Jamz radio station, Nick Cannon detailed the current status of his feud with Eminem and 50 Cent. Nick was all about "keeping the same energy," so to speak, when he decided to go at Eminem but he had already knew that Em would likely not respond. "That's the thing," Nick said. "Everybody was saying, 'You better not say nothing.' And I'm like, 'Why not? Nobody's scared of him.' Even with 50, ain't nobody scared of 50 either. I'm like, 'Let's go.' I match energy.... I think it might've got a little too intense for them."

However, this turned into an invitation for 50 Cent and Eminem to show face at Wild N' Out."We keep telling [50 Cent] to pull up," he said. "He's the king of jokes, king of being petty. He's perfect for it."

Needless to say, Nick Cannon is pushing positivity and even went onto praise 50 Cent for his success in the world of film and television. Peep the clip below.