With Wendy Williams recovering from her health problems, she has hired a slew of guest hosts to entertain her talk show audience in her absence. This week, Nick Cannon is doing the honors after they shared an awkward moment last year. You may recall Wendy referred to one of Nick's children as an "oops baby." Cannon was able to put that behind them, having an emotional talk with Williams and hosting her "Hot Topics" segment. There was a lot to talk about today with all the bizarro shit happening in the world. After a meeting with his friend Pete Davidson last night, Nick tried to get the comedian to move away from "little pop stars," instead urging him to get with older women.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The slight dig at Ariana Grande came before Nick listed his all-time top 3. The actor listed Mariah Carey at the top of his list (obviously) before naming Halle Berry and Naomi Campbell as two more of the most beautiful women on the planet. He said that he's been having conversations with Pete Davidson about his dating life, trying to get him to move away from 20-year-olds so without "Japanese BBQ" tattoos

While we're not sure Nick Cannon is the right person to be giving relationship advice, he did joke that he has plenty of tattoo real estate for when Halle Berry decides to answer his calls. Is he taking the right approach though?