Nick Cannon has pretty much dabbled in everything throughout his illustrious career. He's starred in several films and television programs, released a few albums, dabbled in radio and much more. However, these days Nick Cannon's seen more often on your television screen than anything else. Nick Cannon recently revealed his plans for an upcoming drama crime series called "The Yay Area" that explores the drug culture in Northern California. To make sure the show is as authentic as possible, he's tapped two Bay Area legends as producers.

Nick Cannon recently revealed that he's tapped E-40 and Too Short for his new drama crime television series called, "The Yay Area." It's a bit of a change for Cannon who's usually seen behind more comedic projects but it looks like he wants to explore the Bay Area culture in-depth. With the assistance of E-40 and Too Short, he said that he'll be able to tap into an authentic side of the Bay Area that hasn't been shown on television.

"I'm so excited to partner with E-40 and Too Short. Two fixtures and icons in the Bay Area movement. They got some stories some amazing tales of, you know, everything from criminal justice to the drug game," He said. "We switchin' it and puttin' it in the same vein as like 'The Sopranos' meets 'The Wire.'"

Cannon explained that the connection between the drug trade, biker gangs, Silicon Valley and even the Black Panther movement in Northern California is something that's yet to be explored on television. 

There are several networks interested in picking up "The Yay Area" and Nick Cannon plans on shooting the show this fall. 

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