After a year full of attention on Nick Cannon and his seven children, the actor, "Wild 'n Out" host and generally talented individual said he was celibate and was going to try to make it to 2022 without having sex. 

Whether that's because of the attention pointed towards him and the very public scrutiny he's come under as a father of seven, Cannon said he was taking a break from sex and that was that.

Taking a break from sex, however, did not stop Cannon from talking about it, and during his appearance on N.O.R.E.'s Drink Champs, Cannon detailed how he felt learning about the Kim Kardashian/Ray J sextape while in a relationship with the reality TV star. 

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Upon hearing about the rumored (and now fabled) sextape, Cannon said Kardashian denied its existence. 

"I believe Ray J knew her before I did. I was really into her," Cannon told N.O.R.E. and co-host DJ EFN. "I was vibing. We were on some serious sh*t. She broke my heart. Then, it started being these rumors going around that it was this tape. When I asked her about it, she denied it. I knew that they messed with each other. I never watched the tape."

Despite Kardashian's denial of the tape's existence and never having actually watched the tape, Cannon concluded that the tape is what ended his and Kardashian's relationship. 

"I just knew at that time, all my team was like, 'Abort mission,'" Cannon said. 

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Along with allegedly breaking up Kardashian and Cannon, this Kim K/Ray J sextape has made its way back into the news lately. Wack 100, claiming he had a second, more-explicit version of the tape, offered the tape to Kanye West as an NFT, who Kardashian divorced back in February. Kardashian's legal team denied 100's claims and Ray J expressed his displeasure with the tape's resurfacing. Wack 100 shot back with veiled threats to unveil the tape, while also claiming West accepted the NFT he offered.

There has been no legitimate confirmation to either side of the Wack 100 alternate version of the tape story but one thing is for sure, all Kim/Ray J and KimYe drama aside, that sex tape ended a relationship Nick Cannon was actually into. 

Check out Cannon's full appearance on Drink Champs below and let us know what you think of his comments on the tape.