Nick Cannon has been giving some in-depth interviews in recent times, revealing a lot about the hottest topics throughout his career as he sits down with Vlad TV. The ninth part of his interview series has just been released and he decided to speak on his beef against Eminem and how one particular rapper offered to "handle" things for him.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Gucci Mane is known to dislike Eminem. While they've never been embroiled in a full-blown battle, Guwop hasn't held back about his feelings toward the Detroit legend. Recently, he explained why he believes Em can't be considered the greatest rapper alive. One man that has also been vocal about Shady is Nick Cannon and he revealed in a new interview that Gucci Mane actually reached out to him to "handle" things during their back-and-forth.

"You know what's funny?" asked Cannon. "When me and Eminem so-called had the beef, the whole thing with Mariah, [Gucci Mane] was one of the first people to be like 'Hey bruh. We can go handle it.'" He points out that Gucci also has a verse on Mariah Carey's "Obsessed" record, which was a direct diss to Eminem. Guwop is not somebody you want to "handle" things with. He's done time before and while he likely isn't interested in heading back to prison, he's probably got tons of men on his team that would take the bullet.

What do you make of this?