As a father of seven, Nick Cannon constantly finds details about his sex life coming out of other’s mouths, although it’s worth noting that he’s never been one to shy away from addressing what he does in the bedroom either. Just a few months ago he shared that his therapist suggested he try out celibacy after fathering four children in one year, only to publicly shoot his shot with Saweetie when she made it known that she “wants some babies”.

While Cannon hasn’t revealed if he successfully made it through No Nut November, some very personal photos of his have shown their face online, causing The Misfits star to trend on Twitter.

Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

If you haven’t come across it yet, but still want to see the photo for yourself then you already know what to search for, although hundreds of people have seemingly accidentally laid eyes on it while scrolling through their timeline. The photo looks like most others of the nude nature, although the actor also included his face, so the chances of it being legit are much higher.

“Me scrolling through this bird app to find Nick Cannon’s nudes,” one user joked. “Nick Cannon’s nudes got leaked and babyyyy I fully understand why he got all them kids now,” several others expressed.

While the scandalous snapshot elicited a shocked and surprised response from some, others weren’t able to hide their obvious thirst. “Damn I found Nick Cannon’s nudes,” another reply reads, posted above a picture of Kylie Jenner holding her baby bump that’s captioned, “next thing I knew, I was pregnant.”

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